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Immediate vs. Delayed Implant Loading

Many potential implant patients wonder if an implant can be placed immediately after extraction. The answer is yes. However, the proper tooth extraction and implant timeline is different for everyone. While one patient might greatly benefit from immediate implant placement, another may be more suited for a delayed procedure.

Read on to learn more about delayed and immediate implants, their benefits and the importance of choosing the right implant timeline and system for both the clinic and the patient.

What Is Delayed Implant Loading?

Delayed implant loading is the traditional option for implant procedures. First, the dentist removes the patient’s old tooth. They then wait for the area to heal fully before inserting the implant. The healing process typically takes around three to four months, during which time the patient can wear dentures if preferred.

After the site completely heals, the surgeon will then place the fixture and load the prosthesis.

What Is Immediate Implant Placement and Loading?

In immediate dental implant placement — not to be confused with immediate placement — the dental surgeon places the implant fixture immediately after the tooth’s extraction. The process has recently gained popularity and enjoys a high success rate among eligible patients.

Immediate loading occurs when the surgeon places a restoration within 48 hours of the placement — often during the same procedure.

Delayed Loading vs. Immediate Dental Implants After Extraction

Immediate dental implants offer many benefits to both practitioners and their patients. Some of these advantages include:

  • Shorter treatment time: With immediate loading, patients will only need to undergo a single surgical procedure. The entire appointment can take merely an hour, and recovery is easy since the surgeon won’t need to uncover the implant.
  • Less chance of gum loss: A patient may lose gum tissue during a delayed procedure while waiting for the site to heal. Immediate placement and loading ensure the gums stay intact.
  • Fast results: Eligible implant patients can receive their restoration on the same day as the placement. They’ll enjoy the aesthetic benefits of their implant right away, often resulting in higher patient satisfaction.

However, immediate implants aren’t for everyone. The following considerations may indicate that a patient will be better suited for delayed implant loading:

  • Infected teeth: A healthy site has a better chance of osseointegration than an infected one. If a patient’s tooth is infected, it’s usually better to wait until this infection has healed.
  • Poor bone density: Implants require adequate bone density in the jaw to ensure stability. Without this density, you may need to graft the site and wait for it to heal before placement and loading.
  • Little soft tissue: Likewise, patients will need sufficient soft tissue for the implants to take hold.

Choose the Right Implant System

Just as your techniques affect the implant’s longevity and your patient’s satisfaction, so does the implant’s quality. Before you outline a tooth extraction and implant timeline, make sure you’re using the best possible products for a smile your patient will cherish for a lifetime.

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