Hiossen® Implant

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Digital Guided Surgical Kit

Keyless Guided Surgery Kit

OneGuide Kit

Hiossen’s OneGuide Kit let doctors visualize and plan implants for a patient’s dental anatomy with
a high level of accuracy, letting them predict the amount of room needed for crown or other
supra-structure after installing the abutment

Simple but Accurate Drilling Sequence

The complexity of drilling sequences may result in implant deviation and unexpected errors as the procedure progresses. By adapting the Hiossen 122 Taper kit drilling sequence, the OneGuide drilling sequence simplifies the steps considering the surgical site according to the bone quality

Accurate surgery with stabilized drills

Prevents bone heating

Due to the drill design, the cutting power has improved which leads to skipping intermediate drilling which prevents bone heating by maintaining low temperature with high-speed.

Predictable and Accurate Keyless Guided Surgery

Guided implant surgery allows for the visualization of the steps of the procedures and creation of custom drilling templates



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