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122 Taper Kit

Accelerated Surgery in Two Steps!

122 taper kit

122 Taper Kit

Accelerated Surgery in Two Steps!

Complete Implant placement in 2 easy steps with Hiossen’s 122 Taper Kit. 

The innovative 122 Taper Kit is sure to save you valuable chairside time while decreasing treatment complications. Treat more patients in less time with a safe surgical kit

Convenient procedure
in 2 steps

Increased user convenience

Simple and convenient procedure that can be completed in up to 2 steps as cortical drilling is not necessary

122 Taper Kit-Feature2
122 Taper Kit-Feature3

Excellent Drilling Power

Maximizing drilling power with distinguished drill design and excellent manufacturing technology, ultimately avoiding intermediate drilling leading to smoother and faster drilling results

Prevents Bone Heating

Excellent drilling power leads to skipping intermediate drilling which prevents bone heating by maintaining low drilling temperature

122 Taper Kit-Feature5

Preventing Drill Bouncing

Multiple shaped taper drill also functions as pilot drill and this prevents bouncing during drilling


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