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Say hello to your everyday smile care routine.

Repair & Protect your Smile!

Hiossen’s Oral Care

Say hello to your everyday smile care routine

Start building better brushing habits with our Oral Care Line. Our products help protecting you from bacteria, plaque, and germs, while providing at the same time a new brighter smile.

About Hiossen Oral Care

At Hiossen Oral Care, we provide lifelong oral health by developing innovative dental
solutions that helps you keeping a healthy smile.

Luxury Oral Care.
Safe and Effective.

Hiossen’s Vussen is derived toothpaste from natural ingredients that provides long lasting protection for sensitive teeth. We have removed all the unnecessary ingredients found in most toothpaste like fluoride and
gluten to take the headache out of your daily routine.

Bright new experience. Designed for every smile care routine.

We have created different types of toothpaste for your needs. Find more about our Vussen Line and find your perfect match.
Our toothpaste is complete care for your teeth that will bring you a brighter and healthier smile.

Vussen Toothbrush.
A better way to brush

Brush your teeth to a healthier smile with our 99% Antibacterial effect. Our toothbrush head is covered with silver ion, which prevents germs and bacteria.
Plus, it has a 6 Row Double-Wide head, which covers every single corner of your mouth, even in the hard-toreach places.


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