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The SM3 Implant Surgery Engine



The surgical motor series 3 is designed to make the implant process as streamlined as possible to work with the busy shifts and packed schedules of many dental clinics. The SM3 is made with a modern, streamlined design for optimum ease of use so that clinicians can spend less time fumbling with equipment and more time providing patient care

Advanced Torque Calibration

The advanced torque calibration technology in the SM3 offers low deviation torque value, providing the most consistent and safest possible operation for surgeons.

Compact Body and Large LCD Display

In any surgical setting, ease of use is one of the most fundamental features in surgical equipment. The SM3 engine is lightweight and offers a large LCD screen for easy portability and readability throughout the implant procedure.

Excellent Clinical Environment

With a powerful maximum 80Ncm torque and a stable deceleration ratio of 20:1, the advanced technology of the SM3 combines power and reliability necessary for a dental procedure.

Benefits of the SM3 engine

Not all dental engines offer modern features and technological advances.

The SM3 is a powerful and reliable engine that offers many advantages.

The SM3 is 82mm long and weighs 280g, which is 13% lighter and 17% shorter than the leading comparable competitor. 

This compact, light-weight micro-motor decreases the burden placed on the wrist by minimizing fatigue.

The handheld device’s LED light mimics natural light for safer and more accurate treatment with easy three-step adjustment, while the large LCD enhances display visibility for fast and easy speed, torque and program adjustment.


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