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Surgical Instruments

Implant Surgical Kits that offer a streamlined single kit design.

To provide patients with great results, dental surgeons and implant specialists rely on their tools to perform as intended throughout every procedure. 

Whether you’re an experienced practitioner or a new implant surgeon just starting your practice, you deserve to find the high-quality surgical equipment you need at an affordable price.

DoWell Surgical Instruments

Leading innovative manufacturer and provider of surgical equipment for dental professionals. Having hundred’s of products at great prices, DoWell Dental Products earns the loyalty of general dentists and specialist alike. DoWell Dental Products offers customers a peace of mind with lightning fast delivery and cutting-edge logistics.


The DoWell simple surgical kit contains eight tools for performing implant procedures, including a periosteal elevator and back action chisel.

The DoWell basic surgical kit expands on the simple one, offering a total of 25 instruments, including curettes, pliers, mirrors, scissors and more.

Dowell Implant surgical kit

The DoWell implant surgical kit provides a set of tools specially selected by Hiossen’s knowledgeable directors to fulfill the unique needs of implant specialists. It contains 13 instruments chosen for dependability and precision during implant procedures, including a periosteal elevator, curette, forceps, explorer and more.

Karl Schumacher Surgical Instruments​

With 70 years of instrumentation experience, Karl Schumacher provides surgical kits that meet the needs of practitioners of all experience levels. These instruments are hand-finished by expert craftspeople, so you can feel confident that you’re receiving tools of the highest quality.

Simple surgical kit

The simple kit contains 9 instruments, including a periosteal elevator, Crile-Wood needle holder and Oschenbein chisel, all of which fit conveniently inside a compact carrying case.


The basic surgical kit offers many of the same benefits as the simple kit, with more instruments to provide enhanced surgical precision. In addition to the 9 essential tools included in the simple kit, this collection contains 20 other surgical tools selected to complement.

Implant surgical kit

This 13-piece set provides everything you need to perform a successful implant procedure quickly and accurately, including a periosteal elevator, molt curette, Crile-Wood needle holder and two optional tools — a Castro-Viejo needle holder and a drop blade scalpel handle.

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