Hiossen® Implant

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it's all in the hiossen's e-driver:
from orthodontics screws to prosthetics screws


  • Prevent orthodontic screw fractures
  • Secure a precise insertion path
  • Minimize screw loosening
  • Abutments can be fastened more conveniently

Prosthetic Applications

  • Precise torque minimizes the chances of screw fracture and loosening
  • A contra-angle shape makes posterior access easier
  • Chair time is shortened due to faster tightening

From orthodontic screw insertion to removal

  • With recommended torque of 15~35Ncm, insertion and removal of screws are possible even in hard bone
  • Orthodontic screws are less likely to fracture or detach due to the torque setting

Strong and Precise Torque

• Adjustable within the range of 5Ncm ~35Ncm (5Ncm interval)
• Apply torque precisely with automatic stop function
• Check torque variation in real-time on the LCD screen
• TCS (Torque Calibration System)


• Adjustable within the range of 15RPM~60RPM (14RPM interval)
• Surgery is twice as fast as the manual operation
• Convert to reverse mode with one touch

German Technology

• Implementation of precise torque and speed using German FAULHABER motors.


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