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Titanium Mesh Membranes

titanium mesh membrane


SmartBuilder is a non-absorbable titanium membrane used to regenerate periodontal tissue. SmartBuilder promotes bone formation in areas where natural bone defect has occurred. 

Smart Design

Smooth edges and preformed shape minimize potential exposure through soft tissue.

Smart Coverage

Enhances space-maintaining properties, providing stable coverage and securing bone material in place.

Smart Protection

Rigid semi-dome shape withstands deformative forces, preventing membrane collapse into the bone graft. SmartBuilder directly connects to the implant for a solid attachment.

Built to promote bone formation

SmartBuilder comes in Lateral and Papilla iterations. The Lateral design is ideal for simple socket extractions and other cases that require horizontal or vertical bone augmentation. The Papilla design is used to augment bone growth vertically, restoring papilla height for aesthetic reasons.


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