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Say hello to your everyday smile care routine

Start building better brushing habits with our Oral Care Line

Our products help protect you from bacteria, plaque, and germs, all while providing you with a new brighter smile.

About Hiossen Oral Care

At Hiossen Oral Care, we provide lifelong oral health by developing innovative dental solutions that helps you maintain a healthy smile.

Meet our Oral Care Line: Vussen

We are pleased to present our unique Oral Care Line up

Bright new experience

We have developed different toothpastes to cater to your specific needs. Find out more about our Vussen Line and discover your perfect match!

Bright new experience

We have created different types of toothpaste for your
needs. Find more about our Vussen Line and find your
perfect match!

Safe and Effective

Our fluoride and peroxide free toothpaste helps brush away plaque and naturally whitens using only oral friendly minerals.

Designed for every smile care routine

Our Vussen line up will leave you with a fresh, clean mouth without any harsh chemicals.

A better way to brush

Double wide toothbrush. 99% antibacterial silver nano brush head.