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Locator Abutments

Locator Abutments

Locator Abutments

The LOCATOR abutments are designed for full-arch or partial overdentures to ensure retention in whole or in part by dental implants in the mandible or maxilla region. The LOCATOR system assists and self aligns to assure proper insertion, removal, and retention during function.  

They offer multiple levels of retention and low vertical profile

Locator Fixed

LOCATOR FIXED uses the exact same abutment and workflow as the original removable Locator attachment system

With LOCATER FIXED, you can easily convert your existing LOCATOR removable overdentures into a permanent FIXED prosthesis, without the need for changes to the underlying LOCATOR abutments. You just need a minimum of four implants to begin the LOCATOR fixed journey.

What are the green inserts for?

The green inserts are designed to provide fixed retentions for 4 implants.

What are the blue and tan inserts for?

The Blue and Tan inserts are used in combinations on 5+ implant cases.


Blue inserts are used in the mid-arch between the anterior and posterior implant positions.
Tan inserts are used in the anterior and posterior positions of an arch.


LOCATOR Attachment system is the most globally recognized and trusted brand for overdenture restorations. Combining innovative patented technology with availability in more than 280 implant connections has propelled it to be the preferred choice of clinicians. 

Standard range males

Retention levels and angle correction:
Up to 10° Angle correction/ 20° between two implants 

extended range males

Retention Levels and Angle correction:
Up to 20° Angle correction/ 40° between two implants

Locator R-tx

offering 25% greater wear resistance, an impressive 60° of total implant divergence and dual retentive surfaces for easier seating of the overdenture. LOCATOR R-Tx delivers greater durability with easier maintenance and is the perfect companion to the AFFORDABLE LOCATOR IMPLANT.

60° iMPLANT divergence

Patented pivot technology that allows a total of 60° of Implant divergence

10° or less of implant divergence

Limited range inserts are intended for patients with 10° or less implant divergence, providing a tighter, more secure fit for patients wanting more stability.


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