Hiossen® Implant

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EM Implant System

Implant solutions that overcomes limitations

The EM Implant is specifically designed for narrow ridge applications. The EM body and threads are designed for simple insertion and maximum stability. The ability to correct the implant direction during insertion promotes a high rate of success even in the narrowest spaces.

The EM Implant will ensure a safe, reliable and efficient installment for implant retained dentures at a cost-effective option.

Narrow Ridge

The EM Implant Narrow Ridge is mainly designed for a narrow ridge, specifically the lower anterior region. The optimized design and size of the abutment part enables the creation of prosthetics without cutting. The excellent design of the implant, thread and drill leads to an improvement of the initial stability and better bone penetration. 

EM Implant Provisional

Our EM Implant provisional was designed for immediate provisional prosthetics for partially and completely edentulous patients. The neck is especially formed for the compensation of divergence and provides a stable assistance. The system enables an easy manufacturing of provisional prosthetics with its titanium provisional cap and lab analog. 

Denture Type

Denture Type are for edentulous patients with narrow ridge or for those cases in which a standard implant is not possible. The micro thread in the upper part distributes chewing pressure throughout bone structure and makes it suitable for an immediate prosthetics placement. The retainer and lab analog allows for easy and convenient denture manufacturing.


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