Hiossen® Implant

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EK Implant System

The Next Generation of Tapered Implants

The EK System comprises fundamental Hiossen implant design across all Hiossen Implant systems.

The EK Implant is founded on six key factors focused on bone preservation, forming a critical basis for achieving esthetically pleasing and functional outcomes.

1. enhanced durability

Enhanced coronal wall thickness and a deeper implant-to-abutment contact


Optimized tapered body design to control depth of implant placement

4. BONe control design

Respecting the biological width

2. Abutment Holding System

ET Implant system has been specifically designed to achieve predictable and minimally invasive placements in all bone types.

5. nh surface treatment

Super hydrophilic surface boosts osseointegration by increasing blood adhesion.

6. one connection

Single platform across all implants diameters and all prosthetic options