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Everything You Need to Know About Emergency Dental Implants

Panic can set in when you suddenly damage or lose a tooth. However, a quick response to dental emergencies is necessary for your mouth’s health. Emergency dental implants are designed for these situations and will replace your missing teeth right away.

What Is an Emergency Dental Implant?

An emergency dental implant is an implant placed immediately after a tooth breaks or gets knocked out. Emergency implants follow a standard procedure:

  1. Removing the tooth.
  2. Placing the post in the empty socket.
  3. Installing a temporary crown.
  4. Placing the permanent crown a few months later when the implant stabilizes and bonds to the jawbone

Going from a missing tooth to a restored smile can take as little as one hour with an emergency implant. These kinds of implants are common for teeth in the esthetic or cosmetic region, which includes the visible teeth. However, implants can replace teeth anywhere in the mouth.

Factors That Qualify a Candidate for Emergency Dental Implants in One Day

Not everyone qualifies for fast emergency prosthetic dental implants. Some of the factors that determine if you’re eligible include:

  • Good bone mass in the jaw.
  • Healthy existing teeth.
  • Healthy gums.
  • Good overall health.

If the tooth was recently damaged or lost, you likely have a healthy mouth as not enough time has passed for gum disease or bone decay to start. These factors may make you ineligible for emergency dental implants:

  • Periodontal disease
  • Tooth decay
  • Signs of infection

Why Get Emergency Dental Implants?

Though most medical insurance does not cover emergency dental implants, there are many benefits to getting your new teeth right away. An emergency implant:

  • Prevents bone loss, gum decay and infection. Because emergency implants mean you get a new tooth right away, this maintains your gum health and strong jaw.
  • Restores your beautiful smile and confidence. Emergency dental implants in the esthetic region will boost confidence in your appearance and encourage you to smile.
  • Keeps neighboring teeth from shifting. If a tooth socket remains empty for too long, your other teeth can move into this space, creating more dental work. A dental implant will keep all your teeth in place.
  • Makes your mouth comfortable. An implant is like a real tooth and feels natural in your mouth.
  • Has a lower treatment time. Because emergency dental implants take place immediately, you will not have to wait for the next step.
  • Reduces future dental work. Putting off your emergency dental implant may cause more dentist visits and surgeries later on. Getting it taken care of right away avoids this hassle.
  • Allows you to easily chew food. Having an implant in your mouth will help with chewing and increase your pleasure in eating.

Choose Hiossen® Implant as Your Fast Emergency Dental Implant

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