Hiossen® Implant

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Surgical Kits

Our Surgical kits include sets of drill heads and their associated tools, each set is specialized for a unique purpose or surgery type. Hiossen Kit comes in a hard case with labeled areas for each drill and tool, creating a compact, easily stored solution for dental surgery.

Simplify your procedure with our Surgical Kits

These dental implant surgical kits include supplies that are essential to a successful surgery, from drills to depth gauges. Our kits are designed with the highest end for automated cleaning.

Excellent Drilling Power

Maximizing drilling power (with unique drill design and excellent manufacturing technology) which skips intermediate drilling and provides smooth and fast drilling results.

Prevents Bone Bouncing

Multiple shaped taper drill also functions as pilot drill and this prevents bouncing during drilling.

Prevents Bone Heating

Excellent drilling power leads to skipping intermediate drilling and this prevents bone heating by maintaining low drilling temperature.


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