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The Importance of a Proper-Fitting Implant Abutment

The implant abutment is an essential component in the entire implant system. It’s the connector that joins the implant to the replacement tooth or crown. When dental clinicians place a crown on an implant abutment, it’s quite a different process than positioning a crown on a natural tooth. When choosing implant components, finding ones that have been designed to work together as a precise system will ensure a proper fit and add to the overall success of the dental implant.

Precision matters. Customized abutments designed using CAD/CAM technology will not only make the implant process smoother and more efficient but also ensure the long-term viability of the implant. The SmartFit Abutment from Hiossen® Implants provides a superior fit that both clinicians and patients are sure to recognize.

Custom Abutments vs. Stock Abutments

Two abutment options are available to those undergoing dental implantation:

  • Stock abutments: These solutions are pre-manufactured abutments mass-produced to fit an existing implant system. Although they’re more cost-effective, they’re not customized to the patient’s individual needs.
  • Custom abutments: Custom-made abutments are created in a dental laboratory using an impression of the patient’s mouth. The position of the implant and the fit are calculated ahead of time, giving optimal aesthetic results. This option does, however, cost more.

Why Proper-Fitting Abutments Are Essential to Implant Success

The interface between the implant and the crown is one of the most important aspects of implant dentistry. Although no fit will be completely perfect, it’s essential to make an abutment that joins the replacement tooth and the implant without any issues. This step will not only prolong the life of the implant but also ensure a comfortable fit for the patient.

When clinicians choose CAD/CAM-designed prosthetic components, they can address the abutment’s precision and efficiency during the design steps ahead of time. These custom abutments are made to the specifications of the individual patient by utilizing computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM).

With CAD/CAM custom abutments, there’s less chance of complication during the implantation process because the components are designed to precisely accommodate and provide support for the patient’s individual anatomy surrounding the implant site.

Some of the benefits of having a proper-fitting abutment custom made for the patient include:

  • A perfect fit, which ensures that forces are evenly distributed and undue stress is controlled. This fit greatly increases the life of an implant because it reduces the risk of damaging the implant and abutment interface.
  • The implant has a more natural appearance than stock abutments.
  • The support and fit of crowns are improved, reducing the risk of food becoming lodged in the gap.
  • There are fewer long-term dental issues.
  • The clinician can perform the implantation procedure faster and more accurately.

Learn About the Superior Fit of the SmartFit Abutment by Hiossen

The SmartFit Abutment by Hiossen Implants provides both patients and clinicians with a custom fit that’s far and away superior to prefab abutment options. The results speak for themselves, as patients experiencing our CAD/CAM manufactured abutments encounter a more comfortable dental implant experience, both during the implantation process itself and during the long-lasting life of their implant system.

If you’d like to learn more about the SmartFit Abutment or any of our other high-quality products, contact us today. We’d be happy to provide you with additional information about our products and services and help in any way with the ordering process.