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Benefits of Flapless Insertion and Immediate Implant Loading

In comparison to removable or fixed partial dentures, dental implants tend to last longer and provide more comfortable and practical results, looking and feeling like natural teeth. However, though dental implants have been used by clinicians successfully for decades, many practices avoided offering the procedure due to its long and complicated nature, which can take months to complete.

Today, technology and process innovations such as flapless insertion and immediate implant loading have made the dental implant procedure significantly easier for patients and professionals. As a result, now is the perfect time to consider adding dental implants to your practice’s service offerings.

What Are Flapless Insertion and Immediate Implant Loading?

Placing dental implants used to require the creation of an incision, or mucoperiosteal flap, in the gums. Flapless insertion is a new implant technique that allows you to place an implant directly through the gums without a preliminary incision.

Immediate implant loading happens after the implant is set in place. Not to be confused with immediate dental implant after tooth extraction, immediate implant loading involves placing a restoration within 48 hours of the original procedure. In many cases, clinicians perform insertion and restoration on the same day during one short appointment.

Benefits of Flapless Insertion and Immediate Implant Loading

Flapless implant and immediate loading come with many benefits for patients and clinicians alike. Some benefits of using these techniques at your practice include:

  • Easy patient recovery: Because flapless insertion doesn’t require an incision, patients have minimal postoperative pain and swelling, which keeps them happy and reduces the risk of complications.
  • Short processes: Unlike older techniques for placing dental implants, flapless insertion and early loading allow you to complete the dental implant process in one appointment that often lasts less than one hour.
  • Safe and precise work: Computer imaging allows you to perform implant procedures with increased safety and precision.
  • Long-lasting results: Flapless surgery and immediate implant loading creates long-lasting results for patients. One study found an implant survival rate of 97.9 percent, as well as high patient satisfaction.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing These Techniques

Flapless insertion and early loading offer many benefits for you and your patients. However, as with any medical procedure, these methods of dental implanting may not suit everyone. In particular, a patient needs adequate bone and soft tissue available for implants to take hold and heal properly.

Before you recommend these procedures to any patient, you should consider the following factors:

  • Bone quantity and density
  • Amount of soft tissue
  • Bone height and positioning
  • Patient’s ability to recover properly
  • Patient’s medical history

Choose the Right Implant System

The technique you use to place and restore implants will greatly impact patient results and satisfaction. However, the quality of the implant system you use will also influence the physical and visual properties of the finished product.

As a leader in the dental implant industry, Hiossen® Implant provides safe, innovative and effective implants for use in dental practices. Contact us today to learn more.