Hiossen® Implant

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Introducing Hiossen Kits

All the solutions you need for your practice.

Specialized Dental Surgical Kits Designed to Handle Specific Cases in Dental Surgery

These dental implant surgical kits include supplies that are essential to a successful surgery, from drills to depth gauges. Our kits are designed with the highest end for automated cleaning.

Surgical Kits

Our Surgical kits include sets of drill heads and their associated tools, each set is specialized for a unique purpose or surgery type. Hiossen Kit comes in a hard case with labeled areas for each drill and tool, creating a compact, easily stored solution for dental surgery.

Sinus Surgical Kits

Our Sinus Surgical Kits safely lifts membrane with hydraulic pressure and prevents perforation of the maxillary sinus membrane.

Prosthetic & Maintenance Kits

Our Maintenance Kits enables dental surgeons to preserve, remove and fix implants without any bone loss. These kits were designed as an easy to-use drill kit to improve speed and removal success for the best restorative outcomes.

Guided Surgical Kits

Our keyless guided surgery kits are designed to be as simple and safe as possible. Featuring several precise drilling tools and guide development from Hiossen Implant, our kit allows for a more accurate, efficient and safer surgery with minimal error and drilling.

GBR Kits

GBR, guided bone regeneration, is a procedure that regenerates missing bone prior to the placement of dental implants. The procedure can be done by using bone grafts, biocompatible membranes, and fixation screws. 

Hiossen’s GBR Kits were designed to be comprehensive GBR kits that provide surgeons with all the tools needed to perform successful GBR procedures. 

Benefits of
Hiossen Surgical Kits

These dental implant surgical kits include supplies that are essential to a successful surgery, from drills to depth gauges. Our high-end kits are designed for automated cleaning.

Drilling Power

Maximizing drilling power (with unique drill design and excellent manufacturing technology) which skips intermediate drilling and provides smooth and fast drilling results.


The hard case and labeled instruments placements make each kit optimized for storage.

Bone Bouncing

Multiple shaped taper drill also functions as pilot drill and this prevents bouncing during drilling.


The complete system in each kit means dental surgeons have nearly all the specialized instruments they need to complete an implant procedure.

Bone Heating

Excellent drilling power leads to skipping intermediate drilling and this prevents bone heating by maintaining low drilling temperature.


Each instrument in each kit comes with a product code and color coded, so dental surgeons can easily replace instruments from our Catalog.