Taper Kit

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Taper Kit

This kit is optimized for the tapered fixture, allowing dental surgeons to set bone level implants with 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 and 5.0 implant diameters in as few steps as possible. This means practitioners can benefit from maximal convenience while patients benefit from reduced chair time.


Benefits of our taper kit include:

  • The kit maximizes drilling power with a unique drill design that skips intermediate drilling, resulting in a smooth yet quick drill process that ends up maximizing bone to implant contact.
  • The kit’s excellent drilling power simultaneously minimizes heating, maintaining a low drill temperature.
  • The shape of the taper drill simultaneously allows it to function as a pilot drill, preventing bouncing during the drilling process.




 Taper Kit Characteristics

The taper drill kit comes complete with an entire set of drill heads for implant procedures. Each coated with a proprietary coating, these drills can place between 80 and100 implants each. 

Each drill within this system features depth stop for safer, more accurate drilling. On top of it all, they’re backed by Hiossen Implants’ extensive expertise in dental surgery equipment production and our dedication to dental health. With our tools, your patients can enjoy a quality “third set of teeth.”

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