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Dental Options to Replace a Missing Tooth

Teeth are designed to help you speak, chew and smile, yet these tasks become more difficult with missing teeth. If you want to know how to replace a missing tooth anywhere in your mouth, you have lots of options. You can replace a missing tooth with dental implants or other solutions to chew better, speak with ease and have a beautiful smile.

No matter what method you use to replace a missing tooth, the most important thing is to get the tooth replaced, period. Leaving the gap can impact your speech and eating capabilities and cause damage to your jaw, face and other teeth.

1. Removable Partial Dentures

A removable partial denture is a pink base with a few replacement teeth attached to it to fill in a small gap section. The teeth look and function realistically. It’s the least expensive way to replace a missing tooth, both in initial cost and repairs. The downsides of this option are that they don’t last as long, lack stability and are uncomfortable to wear for a long time.

2. Resin-Bonded Bridge

The resin-bonded bridge is a common front tooth replacement option, or for any teeth that don’t endure much pressure. It is attached to the teeth on each side of the gap and looks realistic. However, the resin-bonded bridge lacks the durability and longevity other options have.

3. Fixed Bridge

A fixed bridge bridges the gap of multiple teeth by acting as a prosthetic. It is one of the best options for aesthetic and practical functions and doesn’t need to be removed. The drawback of fixed bridges is that the healthy teeth next to the gap must be ground away to be a support and attachment for the bridge.

4. Removable Complete Denture

The removable complete denture replaces most — if not all — of the teeth. They have the appearance and function of real teeth, yet are not designed to be worn at all times. Extended wear can make the mouth feel uncomfortable and cause sore gums.

5. Dental Implants

While there are many dental options for missing tooth replacement, dental implants are by far the best solution. They can replace one tooth or fill gaps in several areas. The tooth is mounted to a titanium post or frame that acts as an anchor to keep the tooth in place without affecting the neighboring teeth.

It is a permanent, realistic and functional solution that lasts for years — even decades. They are secure and stable, so you can be confident that they’ll stay in place through everything your mouth does.

Get a Hiossen Implant for Your Missing Tooth

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