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Benefits of Titanium Mesh for Bone Regeneration and Grafting

When patients come to your office hoping for dental implants, they may be interested in implants because they want the aesthetic and functional benefits these solutions offer. Quite simply, dental implants offer one of the most realistic replacements for missing teeth, both in terms of look and performance.

When a patient is not a good candidate due to bone loss or bone deficiency, patients do not need to be sent away disappointed. For these circumstances, guided bone regeneration allows patients who are not naturally ideal candidates to have the secure foundation needed for implants.

In situations where guided bone regeneration is required prior to a dental implant, where an alveolar ridge is deficient vertically or horizontally, barrier membranes provide a safe, cost-effective and beneficial option. Barrier membranes prevent gingival connective tissue or epithelial invasion in bone regeneration.


Titanium is one of the most abundant elements in the crust of the earth. It is a highly dense and strong material and it does not corrode. With high biocompatibility, titanium is also a good choice for medical and dental implants.

It is therefore no surprise that titanium mesh for ridge augmentation has become one of the most prized options for dentists. This solution is ideal because:

  • It has an unparalleled space-maintaining ability, securing bone and offering coverage which allows dental implants to succeed.
  • The rigidity is favorable for severe bone defects and for implants.
  • It allows excellent blood supply, supporting bone regeneration.
  • It is cost-effective when compared with other barrier membranes.
  • Bone grafting for dental implants with titanium mesh offers many benefits.

Hiossen® Implant SMARTbuilder

SmartBuilder is a titanium mesh dental bone graft solution which is customized specifically for dentists, with a 3D preformed shape. Designed with the most common alveolar bone loss formations in mind, the mesh shape is pre-made so your office does not need to spend additional time bending and trimming. This can help you reduce the costs, time and materials needed by dentists.

SmartBuilder can also be removed easily, offering additional flexibility. To remove, just replace the screws with a cover cap or healing cap. When in place, this mesh offers coverage and keeps a bone graft’s space. This solution is designed to help dentists improve the odds for successful bone grafts and dental implants.

With an innovative pore pattern, SmartBuilder helps improve growth factors and fluid diffusion, reducing the risk of cell occlusions. This mesh is backed by the research and expertise of all Hiossen products and can be used in conjunction with A-Graft or Hans Biomed solutions.

When patients come to your office looking for dental implants or solutions for bone deficiency to make implants possible, you want to be able to offer viable solutions. Titanium mesh is the gold standard for bone regeneration in dentistry, and SmartBuilder is a top performer in this market, engineered and designed to help you give your patients long-lasting, safe and beautiful smiles.

To find out more about how SmartBuilder can help you serve your patients, contact us to discuss titanium mesh and grafts with our professional team.