SmartFit Abutment

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SmartFit Abutment

The SmartFit Abutment from Hiossen® Implant is a customized abutment designed with CAD/CAM technology. Simply send your specifications to Hiossen and we’ll send you a Smart Fit Abutment perfectly suited to your patient’s needs.

Benefits of Custom vs. Prefab Abutment:

  • Custom abutments help improve the outward appearance of crowns, improving aesthetics substantially over many prefab options.
  • Custom abutments improve the support and fit of crowns, reducing the incidence of food impaction.
  • CAD/CAM-milled abutments are more expensive but result in fewer dental issues in the long term.

Recommended Applications

  • Cases where implant insertion angle is not ideal. The maximum correction for this issue is 30 degrees.
  • Cases where gingiva is irregular or deep enough to reveal the abutment.
  • Implants for upper front teeth often require a custom abutment, as the gum is thin around that area and the titanium can show through.


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Hiossen Implants offers several products and services, from implant kits to in-house mentoring. With Hiossen Implants, you too can get everything you need to give patients that “third set of teeth” and a new smile that lasts a lifetime.

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How to Order

All you need to order a SmartFit abutment is a filled-out order sheet and case-specific items to help develop the abutment. You can retrieve an order sheet from your local representative and they will direct you to the materials needed to complete your case. Each order takes five to seven business days to complete.

Each implant is backed by Hiossen Implant’s expertise in the field and our dedication to improving peoples’ health through dental well-being. We’ve committed several years and countless resources to the research and development of new and improved dental implants and implant production techniques so we can guarantee quality abutments every time. With our tools, your patients can benefit from a quality third set of teeth that they always dreamed about.

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