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What You Need To Know About Common Denture Problems

For many years, if you were missing teeth, you could get bridges or simply live with the gaps. Eventually, a dentist might recommend dentures if you had lost a significant number of teeth. Wooden dentures were used in Japan as far back as the 1500s, and even George Washington wore a pair of dentures.

Maybe it’s time for something new. Hiossen® Implant carries Magic Denture, which addresses common denture problems and how to solve them. Instead of worrying about the problems associated with dentures, you can feel confident your Magic Denture will make a great first impression.

Common Denture Problems & How to Solve Them

Some of the most common issues denture wearers face with traditional options include:

1. Size and Comfort

Dentures are significantly larger than the natural teeth a patient had. This can make adjusting to dentures a challenge. The larger size can also be uncomfortable. To avoid any ill-fitting denture symptoms, the patented Magic Denture tray ensures more accurate measurement for size through a precise patient mouth environment capture.

2. Chewing Issues

Bite force is significantly reduced when a patient has dentures. This means a denture wearer simply cannot chew food as effectively. Chewing hard food can be uncomfortable and difficult, and properly chewing a meal can take longer with dentures. Some patients switch to softer foods to address this issue. But you won’t have this same problem associated with dentures when you use Magic Denture. These 3D printed dentures reduce human error and shrinkage for a more comfortable experience while eating.

3. Jaw Changes

One of the issues with tooth loss in general is that, once a tooth is lost, the jaw bone changes. This can lead to bone loss, deformity and even gum disease. Unfortunately, while dentures allow someone without teeth to chew, they do not address the bone loss and mouth changes that can occur as a result of tooth loss.

This can create difficult situations. Even if the dentures are correctly fitted at first, over time, as the jaw and mouth change, they will no longer fit correctly. This will mean having to get new dentures, wearing adhesives or being very careful when speaking or eating. However, Magic Denture doesn’t cause the same jaw changes over time. These accurate dentures increase safety while reducing patient visits, and they fit so naturally in your mouth, you won’t experience jaw changes.

4. Sores

When dentures do not fit right, when patients are getting used to new dentures or when patients lose or gain weight, painful sores can develop on the gums and tongue. These can become very painful and even infected. Instead of heading to the dentist to readjust your denture every time you start to develop sores, you can use Magic Denture from the start. The 3D printing method minimizes any strain from shrinking, which helps ensure a better fit.

5. Considerable Commitment

Dentures are a significant investment of both time and money. You may need to buy adhesive strips and special cleaners to keep them hygienic and in place. If you have dentures, you will also have to replace them regularly as your mouth and jaw change.

It is a good idea to speak with your dentist and insurance company about the costs of dentures. Based on these conversations, you will want to set aside money to ensure you can maintain your smile. However, Magic Denture means you don’t have to spend as much time at the dentist. By reducing that time commitment, you’ll have more free time to enjoy your dentures instead of dealing with common denture problems and how to solve them.

Solutions to Common Denture Problems

Due to the many problems denture wearers face, many patients have been turning to the Magic Denture or dental implants. With dental implants, you’re not getting a purely cosmetic solution. You’re getting a real and modern solution to the very significant issue of tooth loss.

With dental implants, an artificial root made of titanium is placed in your jaw. Your dentist will then attach a crown to this implant. The implant becomes fused with your jawbone, which allows your new tooth to look and act just like a real tooth.

Unlike dentures, dental implants will not erode your jawbone. In fact, by acting just like teeth, they can help prevent some of the changes which occur with dentures. You can brush your implants just like your natural teeth. They become a permanent smile. Dental implants are the right size for your mouth, and once the healing process is done, they should not cause any discomfort. You’ll be able to eat normally and start living life instead of worrying about dentures.

Are you wondering whether you’re a candidate for dental implants? Talk to your dentist about Hiossen Implant solutions. Hiossen is one of the most trusted brands in dental implants. Our team is always innovating and investing in research and development so we can help you enjoy a smile that is not only beautiful but which also improves the quality of your life.