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Danang, Vietnam

The Hiossen Osstem World Meeting on April 17-18, 2025, in Danang, Vietnam, at the Aryana Convention Center, will unite global dental experts for two days of learning and collaboration. Featuring keynote speakers, research sessions, and workshops on cutting-edge implant techniques, this event offers a platform to expand knowledge, exchange insights, and network with industry leaders. Attendees can also enjoy Danang’s coastal beauty and cultural richness, making it an inspiring opportunity to advance implant dentistry and improve patient care globally.


Seoul, Korea

The Hiossen Osstem World Meeting in Seoul on April 27-28, 2024, was a significant gathering for implant dentistry. Leading professionals, researchers, and experts from around the world convened for two days of knowledge exchange. Held in Seoul, known for its dynamic blend of tradition and modernity, the meeting provided networking opportunities and advanced professional development in implant dentistry. Overall, it was a pivotal event contributing to global improvements in patient care.

Istanbul, Turkey

The Hiossen Osstem World Meeting in Istanbul on May 12-13, 2023, was a standout event for the dental community worldwide. 

Held in Istanbul, renowned for its culture and history, the meeting offered a blend of professional development and cultural exploration.

Overall, the event was praised for its educational content, interactive sessions, and networking opportunities, making significant strides in implant dentistry and global patient care.

Tokyo, Japan

The Hiossen Osstem World Meeting in Tokyo on June 25-26, 2019, was a major event in the field of implant dentistry. Professionals worldwide convened for a thorough program including keynote speeches, advanced scientific sessions, and hands-on workshops. Taking place in Tokyo, renowned for innovation and cultural richness, the conference provided opportunities for professional growth and cultural immersion. It received acclaim for its educational quality, networking possibilities, and role in advancing global dental care.

Moscow, Russia

The Hiossen Osstem World Meeting in Moscow, Russia, on June 25-26, 2018, was an essential event for global dentistry. Professionals gathered for a program with key opinion leaders from across the world, advanced scientific sessions, and practical workshops on innovative dental practices. Held against Moscow’s historical backdrop, the meeting combined professional development with cultural exploration.