Wide FOV, Clear image and user-friendly CT

T2 is a digital X-ray imaging unit for dental professionals that converts X-ray signals into digital signals to acquire 2D images and reconstruct them into 3D images, using Pano, Cephalo and CT technology for the diagnosis of anatomical structures of oral and maxillofacial areas. 

T2 features a 3 in 1 system, which incorporates 3D, CT, Pano & Cephalo (Optional) imaging into one imaging system

User friendly operation

LED color gives a simple visual identification

Active imaging

Voice guide & Temple support

Voice guide to help prevent re-imaging
Temple support with improved radiolucency

Foot Beam & Wheel Chair

Foot Beam for patient position alignment
Wheel Chair accessible

Multi FOV for various diagnoses

High Resolution

Simplified TMJ imaging

Implant Consultation & Surgical Planning

Panoramic & Cephalometric

2 Years Limited Warranty

Hiossen warrants Cone Beam CT product against defects in material or workmanship under normal intended use when purchased from Hiossen or an authorized Hiossen dealer for a period defined on warranty terms and conditions from the date of delivery. Hiossen’s sole obligation under the warranty is to provide parts for the repair, or replacement of any defective component with one that is equivalent to the original in performance.