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Hans Biomed Bone Grafting Materials

Hans Biomed offers a variety of autogenous bone grafting materials, each appropriate for specific applications. Hiossen® Implant partners with Hans Biomed to bring these options to your practice.

Bone Graft Variations:

  • Cancellous Allograft: Cancellous bone is the sponge-like internal layer of bone called trabecular or spongy bone. This material is included in this allograft due to the good osteoconductive properties of this tissue and the willingness of the body to use it to replace new bone. Hans Biomed’s options for this type of bone graft material for dental implants include SureOss™, OsteOss™, and Genesis™.

Cortical Allograft:

  • Cortical bone is a compact bone tissue used in support and mineral storage functions in the
    body. It’s found on the exterior of bones, so it’s often used to repair bone fractures. SureOss™ D is an example.

DBM Allograft:

  • Demineralized bone is produced through acid extraction of an allograft bone, resulting in mineral
    and collagen loss in the material. The procedure also removes growth factors. The efficacy of this procedure may vary based on the total amount of bone morphogenetic protein present in the patient, and won’t work for every patient. An example is SureFuse™.

Each bone graft material we supply at Hiossen Implant is backed by extensive research and our own investigation so you can rely on the efficacy of these products. By using these bone graft materials for dental implants, clinicians can help guarantee high-quality implants every time, bringing patients the new set of teeth they need for their dental well-being.


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Hiossen Implant doesn’t just offer Hans Biomed products. We also produce a variety of dental implant materials, from fixtures to drills and guide kits. We even offer personalized customer services including in-office mentoring, continuing education courses and on-call local support. You can rely on Hiossen to get your practice everything you need to give patients smiles that last a lifetime.

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