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  • Transfer abutment separate tool set HGTAST
  • ● Use to remove a non-hex Transfer abutment stuck in fixtures due to morse taper contact
  • ● Mini-types are intended for the body tip ; standard types are commonly used by inserting into a double-layer groove
  • ● After removing the abutment screws, insert the separated tool body into the internal hole of the abutment and tighten the driver clockwise. Once the body and the abutment are aligned, they can be separated easily
  • ● In case separation is difficult, try after the connection of a Torque wrench to the driver
  • ● HG Transfer abutment dedicated tool
  • ● Used in laboratory
  • * Includes body and driver
  • * Each component can be sold separately
  • Sold separately
  • Driver HGTASD
    Body HGTASB