AIC Education

AIC Education

As the world’s leading dental implant training provider, the Advanced Dental Implant Research and Education Center (AIC) provides implant education for dentists across the globe. More than 100,000
dentists have benefited from these courses, which are taught by world-class physicians at state-of-the-art educational facilities.

Benefits of AIC Implant Placement Courses

Continuing your education with implant placement courses offer you, your practice and your patients
several benefits from a recognized American Dental Association (ADA) and Continuing Education
Recognition Program (CERP) provider:

Expanding your capabilities as a physician is a substantial benefit of these dental implant classes. You can provide your patients with implants instead of referring them to a surgeon, alongside quality care.

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Available Dental Implant Training Courses

AIC’s dental implant training courses are comprehensive and include:

Level 1 Dental Implant Training

This 40-hour, five-day course focuses on anatomic considerations, treatment planning, and prosthetic
techniques. It also offers 35 continuing education credits. Course objectives include:

  1. Evaluation of anatomic factors that are crucial to the placement of a dental implant.
  2. Determination of patients that qualify for dental implants based on pre-determined criteria.
  3. Performance of basic implant surgical procedures.
  4. Restoration of a dental implant in surgical and prosthetic phase.
  5. Improvement of your surgical skills for implantology.
  6. Completion of a live implant operation on a patient.

Hands-on training before the live surgery includes detailed gum or resin models, as well as a porcine mandible.

Intermediate Dental Implant Training

This 25-hour, four-day course expands on your dental implant knowledge by providing insight on
advanced surgeries, such as for immediate implants, sinus grafts, GBR and horizontal and vertical ridge grafts. The dental implant course for dentists awards 21 continuing education credits. Course objectives include:

    1. Assessment of bone manipulation principles and use of bone grafting material.
    2. Analysis of socket preservation practices.
    3. Creation of a treatment plan using sinus augmentation principles.
    4. Development of an advanced treatment plan for complicated sinus cases.
    5. Determination of optimal criteria for a ridge augmentation.
    6. Extraction of a tooth with minimal trauma to the alveolar ridge.
    7. Preservation of soft tissue during extraction.
    8. Improvement of dental implant surgical skills.

If you’re attending out-of- state, you’ll need to observe — instead of perform — the implant operation due to state dental regulations.

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Providing scientific-based instruction, standardized techniques and a network of mentors for dentists is the AIC’s mission. By remaining committed to offering dental implant classes that incorporate the latest technology and research, the AIC is now a leading provider of implant placement courses. Learn more information about AIC courses by contacting us today.

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