Surgical Tools

At Hiossen® Implant, we know each of our dental surgery instruments has a limited lifetime. We work hard to ensure our dental surgery equipment is manufactured so they last as long as possible, but even the best-kept supplies will still wear down after repeated usage and cleaning. That’s why we offer individual tools for sale from the Hiossen Implants catalog.


Hiossen Implants’ dental instruments each come with a product code, even if they’re part of a kit. These are readily available to access, so if any instrument needs replacement, you can identify and purchase a new item as quickly as possible, regardless of whether they’re part of a kit or not.


Tools From Hiossen Implants

Hiossen Implants is a dental surgery equipment manufacturer, producing quality products for a variety of dental surgery procedures. With several years and countless resources dedicated to the research and development of our products, including surgical kits and implant systems, we seek to provide the latest in dental surgery technology to support our customers. In short, we have everything your practice needs to give your patients the quality “third set of teeth” they’ve been dreaming of.


On top of our individual tools and tool kits, Hiossen Implants offers comprehensive support and education services to support dental surgeons in the use of our tools. We offer several AIC courses in dental implant surgical techniques with hands-on experience and accreditation. We also offer in-office mentoring and on-call support services across the United States. This way, no matter the tools you use or your level of instructional need, you and your practice have the support needed to use your new tools with confidence.


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With Hiossen Implants, you and your practice can have everything you need to give patients smiles that last lifetimes.


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