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Suturing Products

Dental surgery often involves the creation of a wound, allowing surgeons access to the bone to allow for dental bone grafting or implant placement. In any case, surgeons use sutures to close these wounds, promoting healing and protecting the tissue from infection. However, not all sutures are ideal for dental surgery applications.

As one of the best dental surgery product suppliers, Hiossen® Implants provides high-quality Cytoplast™ PTFE sutures for dental surgery practices, which are ideal for dental applications due to their benefits for both patients and surgeons.

About Cytoplast Sutures

The Cytoplast PTFE suture is designed specifically for dental surgery applications, offering the benefits of both monofilament and braided sutures in a single package. Made with 100% polytetrafluoroethylene attached to a stainless steel needle, Cytoplast PTFE Sutures are white, dye-free sutures that combine the easy handling and bacterial-wicking characteristics of monofilament sutures with the flexibility and comfort associated with braided varieties. These characteristics benefit surgeons and patients alike and make Cytoplast sutures an excellent choice for wound closure following dental bone grafting and implant procedures.

Benefits of Cytoplast Sutures

  • Monofilament construction doesn’t allow bacterial wicking into the surgical site, minimizing the chance of infection
  • Biologically inert material eliminates the possibility of tissue rejection
  • Soft and flexible construction makes sutures more comfortable for patients
  • Material retains little to no package memory, resulting in easier handling and cleaner sutures
  • White-colored material is readily visible in the mouth, making sutures easier to find and remove
  • Excellent tensile strength and knot security, minimizing the risk of wound reopening


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Hiossen Implants is a manufacturer and supplier for the dental surgery industry, offering a vast array of products and services for dental implant surgeons. From surgical kits to surgical materials like sutures, Hiossen Implants carries everything a dental surgery practice needs to bring high-quality results to every patient. With Hiossen Implants, you too can get the tools you need to bring your patients new smiles that will last a lifetime.

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