Replacement Tools

As part of our dedication to providing comprehensive goods and services to the dental implant surgery profession, Hiossen® Implants offers everything in our catalog for sale individually. This way, your practice can easily replace a tool from one of our surgical kits or simply order an individual drill, surgical instrument or piece of equipment.

Ordering Replacement Tools for Surgical Kits

Each of Hiossen’s surgical kits is specifically designed to include all the tools you need to complete various surgical procedures with ease. Each of these kits provides product code labels for each drill and surgical instrument, so you can easily identify and order the tool you need replaced.

Ordering Individual Tools

If you’re looking for an individual tool to add to your collection, but don’t want to buy a kit, we make it easy to order drills and surgical instruments individually. Simply find the product code for the tool you want and order it online.

 About Hiossen Tools

Each tool in our catalog is backed by Hiossen Implants’ extensive expertise in dental surgery equipment production. We’ve dedicated several years and countless resources to the development of each one of our tools so we can guarantee quality results for your practice and patients. With our tools, you can give your patients the “third set of teeth” they’ve always dreamed of.

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Hiossen Implants is a dental implant tool manufacturer and supplier, offering a wide range of products and services for dental implant surgeons and their practices. Whether you’re looking for an implant drill or a piece of dental surgery equipment, we have high-quality options for you. Learn more about what Hiossen Implants has to offer and how we can help you bring patients new smiles that last a lifetime.

Learn more about Hiossen Implants’ replacement tool options by contacting us today and speaking with a sales representative.